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Romantic Birthday SMS for Lover

Everybody loves to express their love for their loved ones but sometimes you just do not seem to find the right words to express how you feel about them, so we are here to help you find the best romantic birthday SMS for lover from our huge collection of birthday messages that you can send. These messages are specially tailored to meet your needs to send these special messages to your lover. Who does not like to receive messages on their birthday, and the lover's message is the one that everyone waits for. And all of us want to make that special person feel extra special on their birthday and we can a lot of stuff to achieve that, including arranging a special surprise for them to make them feel special, getting a customized cake and a customized card. But all of this begins by sending that one special message on their birthday just as the clock strikes 12. You all want to be the first one to wish them as the day begins and you can also send them a special customized romantic birthday SMS for lover on the right time to express your love and emotions for them.

All of these gestures add up and make your relationship more strong and special. Happy Birthday SMS for lover might seem to be a minor gesture but it can mean so much to the right person when it is sent with emotions and love. So this page can help you find the right romantic birthday SMS for lover to make your relationship stronger.

romantic birthday sms for lover

Romantic Birthday SMS for Lover To Make Them Feel Extra Special on Their Special Day

With as much love, as I can share, I wanted to let you know I care, Enough to send some love your way, On your very special day! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
With this birthday wish comes my heart and soul, wrapped with oodles of smiles, hugs, kisses and love.
With you, I don't feel the ground anymore. I feel like I'm falling in a bottomless pit…of love. Happy birthday, darling!
You are sweet, loving and caring Boyfriend / Girlfriend. I wish you always stay the same. With lots of love, your ***
You are the angel in my life. On this day, god sent you on earth so we could be together. Happy Birthday to the brightest star in my life!

birthday sms for lover

You are the greatest gift in my life, so I want give you the greatest gift of all for your special day: my undying love. Happy birthday, my dearest!
very time I see your face, it's just like the first time I saw you. I fell in love with you at first sight and, every day since, I've fallen in love all over again. Happy birthday, my first love, my only love!
What's the difference between you and vintage wine? Nothing. You only improve with every birthday, you always make everything better and, most importantly, I LOVE wine.
When I say I like everything about you, what I'm really saying is "I love you." When I say "I love you," what I'm really saying is I could not live without you. Happy birthday. I like everything about you.
The day you were born was a lucky day for so many people. You enrich my life so much and I love you more than you might know!

happy birthday sms for lover

The easiest thing I ever did was not falling in love with you. It's been staying in love with you ever since. Happy birthday! I love you.
The gifts I have given you, do not manage to convey 1/4th of my feelings for you.
The heavens opened and sent you down for me. I will always remember the way my heart skipped several bits when I first saw you. Happy Birthday. You still light a fire in me in a way that makes me want to be the best person I can be.
On your special day, I will spoil you more rotten than anyone ever has. You deserve 24 hours of pure love and joy — and I want to give it to you. Happy birthday!
On your special day, let's lock the doors, pull down the shades and lose ourselves like the fools in love we are.
One tree can start a forest, One smile can make a friend, One touch can show us love and care, And you make my life worth living, dear!
Only special people receive birthday sms messages from me. And you have always been that special one. Happy Birthday to the sexiest Boyfriend / Girlfriend ever!
On the lovely occasion of your birthday, I just want to remind you that I deeply, truly, madly am in love with you. Let's make the most of your big day today!

happy birthday love

On the night of your birthday, when I find myself in your arms, I just have this feeling that it will be the high point of your special day.
On this beautiful day new By no words can be expressed, The way I feel about you, I know my life is blessed!
May every path be smooth for you, May every corner bring you happy surprises, May every day put a smile on your face, May every friend bring you price and joy, May you get whatever you always wished for, And may you never forget Me! Warm wishes for a Happy Birthday to you!
May your birthday be filled with all that you desire.

happy birthday wishes for lover

May your day be filled with light, love and inspiration as you face another great year.
Happy birthday, my dearest! Today, there's no greater love than mine for you. Tomorrow, this will no longer be true. Then, I will love you even more!
Happy birthday, my little ray of sunshine! You light up my life like a thousand suns. You always make me feel so warm inside.
Happy birthday, my love! Your special day would not be complete if I didn't let you know how much you mean to me. So... You're not the love of my life — you are my love for eternity.
Happy birthday, sweetheart! Being in love is something. Being in love with you is everything.
Happy birthday! We're more than a match made in heaven — our love is written in the stars. Let's celebrate your special day as one.
Happy birthday! What I feel for you today is a fraction of how much I'll love you tomorrow. Happy birthday!

birthday wishes my love

Happy birthday! You are the love of my life and my dreams. With you, everything feels just right, perfect! Wishing your birthday is just as perfect!
Blow your candles,Make a wish, And I will give you Sweet big kiss!
Congratulations to your parents to have given birth to such a beautiful person many years ago on this day. Your Birthday reminds me that you are the only girl I want to spend my life with. Happy Birthday, darling!
Dance as though no one is watching you, Love as though you have never loved before, Sing as though no one can hear you, Live as though heaven is on earth! I Wish you a very warm and Happy Birthday!
A birthday wish flies from the bottom of my heart, Because only deep inside all great wishes start!
Happy birthday to my best friend and girlfriend. To everyone else, you're my wife. To me, you're my life.
Your birthday is an event to celebrate togetherness. Cheers!

happy birthday my love

Your birthday is the only day of the year I enjoy as much as mine. That's because I love you more than I love myself. Happy birthday, my precious love.
Your friends and family may show you how much they love you on your birthday, but nobody can love you nearly as well or as much as me! Happy birthday, lover!
Your touch, your warmth and your love make the world a beautiful place. They've made my world beautifully wonderful. I love you. Happy birthday! You're all my fantasies rolled up into one...one beautiful, loving, caring, sensitive, strong and just all-around wonderful person. Happy birthday!
You're more than you think. You're my moon, my world, my sun, my stars, my universe, my everything. I love you so much! Happy birthday, baby!
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